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Sonja Schmitz (born as Sonja Tešić on the 17.06.1986 in Tuzla) is Bosnian-Slovenian singer-songwriter. Very early in her life Sonja started showing a great interest and talent for music. Therefore already at the age of five her mother took her to classical elementary music school in Tuzla and she started playing piano. Her early music education was partially interrupted by ongoing war in Bosnia but it also brought her even closer to her music and piano. Right after the war she started attending numerous international and national piano competitions with great success.

After finishing music high school in 2004 Sonja enrolled Rochester Institute of Technology and in 2008 graduated with the title: „BSc. of Science in Service Management“ with major in human resorces. At the same time Sonja performed as a contemporary jazz singer and started writing her own music.
In year 2010 Sonja published her first own songs in Bosnian language: “Poslije tebe”, “Na tuđem jastuku” and “Snaga” following music video for the song “Poslije tebe”.

In year 2013 Sonja moved to Germany and formed a guitar-voice duo “True Colors” that interpreted famous pop and jazz ballads. However, Sonja continued to further develop also as a songwriter.

In year 2017 she created with her partner “Schmitzi Productions” company and published under name Sonja James her first songs on English language – On the Right Side, Thank you Germany, Life Keeps Going and Destiny.

In year 2018 Sonja wrote and published a song and video “The Workers Song – MediFuck” causing a lot of controversy in Germany. The song is a parody Sonja wrote as a criticism on corporate world, managers and the way they treat employers. The special accent was on mobbing and sexualizing of women in the work place.

In year 2018 Sonja meets Damir Bečić and Almir Ajanović and starts writing songs with them. The result is song “Broken”. In March 2019, Sonja signed a publishing contract with Swedish production company “Tempo Digital” that produced Video and published the song on international market.